Who are we?

For almost 15 years, Clarelia is the pioneer in France, food allergen expert with its range Natama.

Mother of child allergic, Eliane Courties decided in 2002 to create Clarelia. His goal: make life easier for people with food allergies or intolerances with suitable products.

Faced with this challenge, Eliane Courties and his team have benefited from the outset, recommendations of medical experts and renowned scientists. Clarelia uses in its products that the least involved ingredients in allergic reactions, indicated by reference to allergists. Nutritionists allow the development of balanced and delicious recipes. A proven expertise and recognized quality policy guarantee the safety of our products. Our efforts are supported by patient associations (AFPRAL, FPA and AFDIAG) that recommend the range Natama.

These 15 years of development and expertise have enabled Clarelia to master the supply and manufacturing sectors, and traceability. The result: quality dishes at affordable prices.

Our concern and demand: give the best by producing quality dishes that meet the strong values ​​of simplicity, flavor and safety.

Our engagements

Why trust Natama?

A proven know-how for nearly 15 years ensures compliance with nutritional requirements, full control of production and the absence of cross contamination.

The involvement of doctors, nutritionists and food engineers is essential for the development of our dishes without allergens, lactose and gluten free.

1) Transparency A to Z

Contains only recipes with raw ingredients of quality.

Our suppliers are committed to transparency and rigorous traceability we impose them through a corporate charter. We audit them regularly on key elements: the origins, processes, manufacturing, cleaning ...

These raw materials are delivered directly to our production sites in order to be transformed.

Before and between each manufacturing recipe Natama a complete cleaning of the plant and our tools is made. This quality cleaning is validated by our team and by an analytical control. It avoids any cross-contamination.

2) All that is in the recipe is written on the label

On each label, ingredients and nutritional values ​​are simply and clearly marked to facilitate your understanding.

A comprehensive foreclosure list was validated by Dr. Martine Morisset, the CICBAA. This list provides a coverage of about 90% of known allergies and food intolerances.

Clarelia has always been supported by the associations of patients AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies), FPA (Foundation for the Prevention of Allergies) then AFDIAG (French Association of Gluten Intolerance). You'll find their recommendations and logos on our products.

3) Naturally good

Natama agrees on the taste and the pleasure of eating well. We develop our recipes with few ingredients, healthy, authentic, cooked and simmered in the spirit of a family kitchen.

All our recipes are no additives, no coloring or preservatives cooked "at home".

Your opinion is valuable. Thank you to send us all your comments. Face your expectations we improve and innovate our revenues by offering suitable products.

15 years of safety, traceability and transparency!

Our commitments

A proven know-how for nearly 15 years ensures compliance with nutritional requirements, full control of production and the absence of cross contamination.

  • Transparency from A to Z
  • Only the ingredients on the label are in the recipe
  • Naturally good

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